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Beejay's Story of Grace 1
Beejay's Story of Grace 2
God uses a dog to reveal His plan in disaster, pain, suffering, and loss.
Life of Christ Lesson 925 Prayer for the President
Life of Christ Lesson 697
Life of Christ Lesson 698
Know the consequences of the rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ and how the Justice of God must judge the unpardonable sin.
Life of Christ Lesson 83 Satan tempted Christ and Satan counter attacks the believer’s advance in the spiritual life. Don’t rest in your own strength, rest in the Lord.
 Life of Christ Lesson 563 The absolute answer to the question “What is truth?”.
Nation in Crisis 1
Nation in Crisis 2
There is no cause to fear for the future of the United States. God is perfect and his perfect plan continues in times of disaster as well as prosperity. He will continue to sustain, protect, and bless the advancing believer through all of life’s circumstances. God always wills the highest and best for the believer. The pivot of mature believers in the client nation will be delivered from or through any national crisis as His plan advances in the Church Age.
1 Corinthians Lesson 851 Renovate your thinking by learning the word of God, to have a strong, meaningful spiritual life and produce valuable Christian service.
Philemon Lesson 8 Explores the doctrine of refreshment, grace orientation, and legalism. A mature believer can be a comfort and encouragement to those in his periphery through the refreshment of doctrine. When a mature believer communicates doctrinal principles to another believer, he encourages the hearer to recall divine viewpoint and to recover capacity for life and happiness.
Esther Lesson 73 Demonstrates the believer will be delivered from a crisis with divine viewpoint in the soul. Everything that happens in the life of the believer is not predetermined, but God does control circumstances in spite of the good and bad choices of believers. God’s larger plan related to history and the angelic conflict always prevails. Only by using the resources God provides can the believer be prepared for the great purpose God has for his life.