Berachah Church supports the following missionaries and ministries through prayer or financial assistance or both.

Jonathan and Valerie Brown Brazil
Pat and Mary Ann Cate U.S./Foreign
Chafer Theological Seminary United States
Armando and Sharon Garcia † Costa Rica
Harris County Sheriff’s Office – Chaplaincy Department United States
Gary Horton, American Freedom Assembly United States
Rick Hughes Evangelistic Ministries † United States
Max Klein † South Korea/Thailand
Ralph and Cindy LaRosa † Philippines
Nick and Camila Lipsi Brazil
Tim and Oi McLachlan † Thailand
Tom and Cheryl Molinar † South Africa
George and Erica Mueller † Germany/Africa
Jim and Phyllis Myers † Ukraine
Operation Grace World Missions ‡ United States
Prison Ministries of Texas, Inc. † United States
The Nelson D. Rio Family † Philippines
Gary Watson - Philippi Freedom Ministries † United States
R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries U.S./Foreign


† Supported through Operation Grace World Missions.

‡ Operation Grace World Missions is an autonomous mission board, financially independent of Berachah Church and R. B. Thieme, Jr., Bible Ministries. The purpose of this grace ministry is to channel resources to doctrinally-oriented missionaries who disseminate the Gospel and establish local churches with indigenous pastors. For more information write Operation Grace World Missions, P. O. Box 19508, Houston, Texas 77224, or call (713) 951-6965 and please leave a message; or check their website at www.ogwm.org.